The Hanoitimes - The year 2020 will mark 65 years of Vietnam`s civil aviation industry which has developed rapidly in the past decade with 10 airports capable of serving international flights and 12 domestic airports. Vietnam International Aviation Expo 2019 will be held by Vietnam Association on Aviation Science and Technology (VAAST) and GK Wintron in Ho Chi Minh City from November 26 to 28, according to GK Wintron.


This is the first time such a large-scale international aviation show is held in Vietnam. 
The event (http://www.vietnamaviationexpo.vn) is expected to welcome more than 400 companies with 400 pavilions from 33 countries and attract 20,000 visitors.
Several large enterprises in the global aviation industry have been invited to the show including Boeing and Airbus as well as representatives of some foreign manufacturers from Indonesia, Italia, Germany, Canada, Belgium, and Romania, among others. According to the organizers, the event includes the display and introduction of technological equipment, supporting industry products, aircraft interior, and exterior equipment, etc. from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Besides, international workshops on technical, commercial and air service with be held with the participation of renown international experts.

The year 2020 will mark 65 years of the Vietnamese civil aviation industry, which has developed rapidly for a past decade with 10 airports capable of serving international flights and 12 domestic airports. The country's aviation transport market grows twice as fast as that of the ASEAN region, averaging at over 16% annually. Vietnam is currently having six air carriers in operation and two others are preparing dossiers for license.

(Source: Ha An, The Hanoitimes)

Private sector a key stakeholder in aviation industry: conference

Viet Nam International Aviation Expo 2019 is held on November 26-28 by the Việt Nam Association of Aviation Science and Technology and GK Wintron Co.Ltd in HCM City. VNS Photo Gia Lộc

HCM CITY- Việt Nam’s aviation industry will need US$23.5-24.2 billion from the private sector by 2030 for its development, Phạm Doãn Hồng, vice chairman of the Việt Nam Association of Aviation Science and Technology, told a conference in HCM City yesterday.

Between 2015 and 2020, the industry needed almost $10 billion for developing terminals, airports and other infrastructure, he said.

While many legal regulations related to private investment had been passed, they had failed to meet private investors’ demands, he said.

The Government should amend many provisions in the laws to remove the hurdles to attracting the private sector, he said.

“Investment from the private sector in civil aviation is a common trend around the world.”

Prof Dr Đỗ Nguyên Khoát, the association’s vice chairman, said the industry needed to be developed to meet travel needs and the country’s economic development.

According to a forecast by the International Air Transport Association, Việt Nam will become the fifth fastest growing aviation market in the world by 2035 when it will transport 150 million passengers.

Domestic aviation is forecast to grow at an average of 15 per cent a year over the next several years.

The Ministry of Transport expects the country to have 28 airports, including 13 international ones, by 2030, which will attract large investments in infrastructure.

Joshua Ng, director of Alton Aviation Consultancy's Singapore Office said Việt Nam would have the highest GDP per capita growth and the second highest GDP growth among ASEAN member countries in the 2019-2024 period.

It led in middle-class disposable income growth now, he said.

It was improving its tourism appeal, especially in fast growing and important markets such as China and South Korea, he said.

“Việt Nam’s air passenger and freight traffic volumes are set to double within the next decade.”

The country was investing heavily to improve airport capacities across the country in the next 10 years, he said.

The country had an aircraft fleet of 190 to 210 not including Bamboo Airways and Vinpear Air, he said.

Hồng warned that airlines should not get into a race to buying aeroplanes because of the country’s limited flying space.

Not much attention is being paid to air traffic, he warned further.

The Government needed to make a careful forecast of the development of the entire industry, he added.

Dr Trần Quang Châu, the association chairman, said the aviation sector should take advantage of industry 4.0 to make exact forecasts, reform freight management and make plans for airports. 

The conference was held as a part of the 2019 Việt Nam International Aviation Expo organised by the association and GK Wintron Co.Ltd. It closes on November 28. VNS