“Reach further”

As a dynamic, modern international airline and deeply imbued with traditional Vietnamese cultural identity, during more than 20 years of development with a double-digit growth rate, Vietnam Airlines has been leading head of Vietnam's aviation market - one of the fastest growing domestic markets in the world. As a modern airline with a well-known brand name for its unique cultural identity, Vietnam Airlines is aiming to become a 5-star International Airline Leading in Asia.

“Enjoy flying”

As the first low-cost airline in Vietnam, Vietjet Air orients to a young, dynamic customer segment who enjoys the free movement with the low cost in order to meet the demand and desire to fly of all Vietnamese people.
To become a multi-national aviation group with a route network covering the entire region and the world, providing and developing not only aviation services but also consumption products on the e-commerce platform and being a favourite and trusted brand name.

“More than just a flight”

With the mission of connecting the tourist regions in the S-shaped country, raising Vietnam’s image and people on the international map, Bamboo Airways starts its journey to fly high with its spreaded wings based on the cooperation with the world’s leading brands in the aviation industry.
Bamboo Airways wishes to bring experiences beyond your expect and to become the first 5-star airline in Vietnam having first-class compartment towards to the leading position in Asian aviation in the upcoming journey.

Jetstar’s mission is to offer low fares to enable more people to fly to more places, more often. Since we launched in Australia in 2004, we’ve carried more than 250 million passengers. 
At Jetstar we want to make a positive contribution to the communities we operate in. And we are trying to make the diffences every.

This is the first airline of Vietnam to be a joint venture between private and military. The goal of the company is to provide passenger, luggage and cargo transport services in the Vietnamese market, especially air taxi services with small aircraft for customers with quick demands. In addition, the company caters to defense requirements such as military, military, exploration and survey transport.


VASCO is trying to become an independent airline not following Vietnam Airlines' schedule. The advantage of VASCO is that most of the routes connect tourist centers, so Vasco has actively cooperated with local travel agencies and companies to create more free services for passengers such as buses. Pick up from the airport to the center, with preferential prices for delegations in long term ... so the number of tourists is more stable.

VNH is one of the leading helicopter operators in Southeast Asia, highly appreciated by the customers and partners for high quality of services and strong commitment to safety. VNH owns a contingent of highly experienced pilots qualified by CAAV as commercial helicopter pilots, the AMO-accredited aviation technical centers and a modern helicopter fleet with offshore configurations meeting all oil and gas customer's demand Since established, VNH has been providing helicopter services for more than 50 domestic and foreign oil & gas companies, for US Missed In Action (MIA) program, tourism, MEDIEVAC, search & rescue; VIP transportation, aerial photographing and other helicopter services demands. VNH has been expanding to foreign markets in Norway, Malaysia,Indonesia, India, Timor Leste, Cambodia…