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Boeing expands cooperation in training and aviation industry development with Vietnam

Boeing expands cooperation in training and aviation industry development with Vietnam

On August 25, for the first time, the Boeing Aerospace Industry Forum was held in Vietnam, with the participation of more than 50 businesses, suppliers, representatives of universities and energy management agencies. This event marked the commitment of Boeing Aerospace Corporation to accompany Vietnam in developing the aerospace industry.

Boeing Vietnam Director Michael Nguyen shared opportunities for cooperation in the aerospace industry at the Boeing Aerospace Industry Forum.

At the forum, Boeing shared its vision for enhancing the opportunity in Vietnam in the fields of aerospace manufacturing and training, supply chain, sustainable aviation, as well as research and development.

Michael Nguyen, Country Director Boeing Vietnam, shared: “The Boeing Aerospace Industry Forum is the result of the cooperation between Boeing and Vietnam and the country’s aviation for 25 years, aiming at enhancing the national aerospace capacity. The key opportunities raised at the Forum are completely in line with the “Make in Vietnam”, “Digital Vietnam” and “Green Energy” goals of the Government of Vietnam. Boeing will continue to work with the aerospace industry and universities in Vietnam to build the foundation for the industry’s long-term development.”

According to forecasts, aviation in Southeast Asia will grow the fastest in the world. Over the next 30 years, the region will need about 4,000 aircraft and Vietnam is the leading country in this trend. Boeing’s current suppliers in Vietnam are constantly improving the quality standard and world-class capabilities as they become an important part of the global supply chain of the Group.

Director General of Foreign Investment Agency (the Ministry of Planning and Investment) Do Nhat Hoang assessed: In the past 10 years, Vietnam’s aerospace industry has grown and developed significantly compared to other countries in the region. In 2020, aerospace technology has been included in the list of high-tech industries prioritized for development by Vietnam. Several Vietnamese enterprises have been gradually researching and manufacturing products serving the industry; base infrastructure is invested for fast and solid development.

The representative of the Ministry of Planning and Investment suggests that Boeing research and develop a training center for pilots, experts and engineers in aerospace as well as establish an aircraft manufacturing base in Vietnam. In addition, collaborate with the US businesses to promote investment cooperation and technology transfer to Vietnam in the fields of infrastructure, manufacturing and aeronautical technical services such as component production, ship maintenance, industrial satellite manufacturing industry, and telecommunications technology; connecting Vietnamese enterprises with the supply chains of large global enterprises and corporations.

Vietnamese suppliers have been supporting the manufacturing of a number of Boeing commercial aircraft components such as aircraft structure, electronic components and composite materials throughout the past decade. The Boeing Company also cooperates with Vietnamese businesses to apply the best method for lean manufacturing, supplier management and other specialized training.

Boeing also shares a strategy to decarbonize aviation with a focus on fleet renewal, operational efficiencies, and renewable energy transition with an emphasis on sustainable aviation fuels and advanced technology.

In Vietnam, Boeing also contributes to a number of community architectures, focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, and providing resources to equip and develop technical skills for youth and the young workforce.

Source: Translate from Boeing mở rộng hợp tác đào tạo, phát triển công nghiệp hàng không với Việt Nam (nhandan.vn)

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