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Improving the quality of human resources of Vietnam’s aviation in the new context

Improving the quality of human resources of Vietnam’s aviation in the new context

At the Conference “Improving the quality of Vietnam’s aviation human resources in a new context” within the framework of the Vietnam International Aviation Expo 2022 held on September 17, Vietnamese and foreign experts shared about the demand for human resources in the aviation industry and proposed some solutions to improve the quality of human resources for aviation in Vietnam in the new context.

Speakers at the conference (Photo: VIAE)

Vietnam’s aviation industry is considered to have great potential and strong development in the region. According to the forecast of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Vietnam will be the 5th fastest growing aviation market in the world, reaching 150 million passengers by 2035. To meet the development in this case, human resources need to be sufficient to meet demand and be well trained. According to Boeing’s demand forecast for pilots and technical staff, between now and 2038, the global aviation industry will need more than 1 million new employees, including 558,000 commercial pilots and 609,000 technical employees.

Mr. Septo Sudiro – Founder and Director of Fly Perkasa Flight School – Indonesia gave the data that Gen Z is tending to reduce the passion and desire to become a pilot, putting pressure on the pilots resources in the next few years.
After the pandemic, many countries around the world faced a shortage of pilots. An estimated 10% of the total number of pilots who leave or retire early will not return to work. The world will face a pilot shortage at a faster rate than in 2019 by the end of 2022 – early 2024.

Mr. Septo also said that it is necessary to recruit and train a new generation of pilots for the future immediately. In addition, reward schemes, apprenticeship programs, and financial aid are needed to support and encourage students to pursue careers.

Student asking the speaker at the conference (Photo: VIAE)

In Vietnam, many training units have pilot training programs, with modern and updated equipment facilities to create a standard learning environment and conditions.
Assoc. Dr. Alberto of RMIT University shared about the application of Hololens in the learning and working process in aviation operations, as well as training to equip students in a vivid and practical way.
During the Conference, Assoc. Dr. Dao Ngoc Tien, Vice Rector of Foreign Trade University, proposes some solutions on the quality of human resources for air freight forwarding in Vietnam in the new context of focusing on international cooperation in training and development. programs and teaching, and application of information technology in training aviation human resources.

The 2nd Vietnam International Aviation Expo 2022 was officially opened at Hanoi National Convention Center on the morning of September 15, 2022. The exhibition took place in 3 days from September 15-17, 2022, welcoming more than 200 delegates, more than 50 domestic and international enterprises and more than 3000 exhibition visitors. The exhibition is organized by Vietnam Aviation Exhibition Joint Stock Company (VAE Jsc) with the support and direction of the Government Office, the National Traffic Safety Committee, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam and the companionship. organization of VASA Aerospace Association, Vietnam Aviation Business Association VABA.

The Vietnam International Aviation Exhibition 2022, taking place from September 15-17, 2022 in Hanoi, has brought many solutions to issues that are receiving attention such as the state of aviation in a new context, the development of new results, and the development of new technologies. industry infrastructure … aiming at the common goal of restoring aviation in a sustainable way, contributing to strengthening solidarity and cultural exchange among businesses for a bright future of the industry.

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